Citation Cleanup can Fix your business listings now. Don’t make search Engine surprises.

Citation Cleanup

Your company’s information may be incorrect on several major business listing sites. This is one of the main reasons for having the problems ranking locally. Fix your business listings and make consistent on the internet in just few months. Our citation audit checks your business listings and shows you what your customers see.

We Identify and correct any inconsistencies in existing listings, as well as remove the duplicate citations or listings.

Reasonas for Citation Cleanup

In order to build a relationship of trust with potential customers, you must provide them with accurate, relevant, and timely information. All of your business listings will be uniformed thanks to Big Citation’s expert citation building and cleanup services. For quick and easy editing or refreshing of your existing citations, get in touch with us and place an order for your universal, niche, or location-specific citations.

This can happen for number of reasons, among them the most important reasons are:

  • You move to a new address
  • You get a new phone number
  • You change your business name a bit
  • Aggregator sites just pick up the information incorrectly

The citation cleanup is required for those business who don’t have the login details to edit the business correctly as required.

Why Citation Cleanup is required for a business. This picture is containing a visual representation of the NAP Varitions of a business.

Consistency in citation is critical

With the proper online presentation of your company, you promote a legitimate business and get more leads. Building citations provides accurate information about your business to potential customers and SEO material to search engines in order to properly rank you and increase your online visibility.

Having correct NAP in all business directories is essential to ensure citation consistency. The NAP stands for:

  • The company’s full name
  • The precise location at this time as Google Business Profile
  • A current phone number that is complete

You should also include a link to your company’s website, additional details, and a call to action in every reference.

Inaccurate NAP information can have a negative impact on your SEO efforts and your local search rankings. A far more detrimental outcome is that your company may be viewed as not taking itself seriously enough by the public. To ensure the legitimacy of your business and the trust of your customers, it is critical that all of your company’s information is accurate and consistent.

What we actually do

Citation Cleanup or fixing the NAP issues is not an easy task. A lot of manual hard work is required to fix the citations. Obviously we do the best practices to make the NAP consistent. It is really very important to match the NAP with the Google My Business Data. Every citation sources are different and you need a lot of experience and time to contact them manually to fix the data. So, we contact each site to correct the information and we are expert. 

You just need to push a button and we are always ready to start. We will:

  • Run a full Citation Audit for your business
  • Find out all the issues for each citation
  • Contact each citation site to correct the information as Google My Business
  • Deliver a full detailed and comprehensive report


Citation Cleanup Service by Big Citations: $1 Per Citation

Including Citation Audit of all Citations | Onetime for a single location