Ultimate Local Citation Building Service

We provide manual citation building srevice and it is an important task in search engine optimization (SEO), especially for local SEO.

Best Local Citation Building

What is Citation building?

Citation Building is one kind of business profile creation on various business directories.

A proper citation building campaign, especially if you’re opening a new location, can help to expedite the discovery process for search engines and to increase local search traffic to your new establishment.

If you have a well-established location, an ongoing citation-building campaign can assist you in increasing both local and organic link signals, allowing you to maintain your position on page one of search results.

We create higher-quality citations because every citation we create must meet three high-quality criteria in order to be accepted.

  • Every citation is created by hand by a team of intelligent individuals!
  • Every citation has been thoroughly researched!
  • Every citation has the potential to be justified!

Process that we use:

We safeguard the quality of our products through a comprehensive 7-stage process that includes:

  1. Verifying the accuracy of your business data
  2. Performing an audit of your existing citations in order to determine your current profile
  3. Examining the citations that your top five competitors are relying upon
  4. Investigating the most promising sources that have not yet been exploited or made known by your competitors
  5. Taking care of the submissions to directories
  6. Activating your new profiles is the first step.
  7. It is important to keep track of your logins in a clean and simple spreadsheet so that you can take ownership of and continue to update your new citations.
Citation building process

We create four different type of citations​

We create a wide range of citations because that is what produces the best results for our clients. However, this does not imply that sources should be chosen at random. We go beyond the top-50 lists to find sources that have a genuine connection to your niche, city, state, or other location of interest. Being able to construct so many different types only aids us in our search for the ideal match.


These are a type of business directory that is used to find businesses. Business directories are still the gold standard for structured citations, and this is likely to continue. Every citation building client receives a customized mix of citations from directories that are relevant to their industry, location, and other factors. For Example: Yelp, Foursquare

Social Profiles

Social citations take advantage of the massive size and authority of social media platforms in order to provide you with a high-quality citation with some weight behind it. When it comes to Local SEO, social citations that include your company’s information are an important component of any campaign. For Example: Facebook, Twitter


Images are popular with both users and search engines. We’ll add useful metadata to the photos of your company that you’ve provided us with and submit them to the most popular photo sites on the internet. You’ll receive a local citation on a number of high-authority photo-sharing websites, and you may even see an increase in image search traffic as a result of this. For Example: Flickr, 500px


Video citations provide the variety that your citation profile requires, as well as the ability to appear for video searches for your business information on the internet. If you do not already have a video, we will create one for you using Powtoon and submit it to high authority video sites with your company information and the link included in the description. For Example: YouTube, Vimeo

4 Basic importance of local Citations

  1. Increased Local Relevance: By focusing on highly specific areas, businesses can increase their relevance in local search queries, which is particularly beneficial for businesses in competitive markets.
  2. Improved Local Rankings: Search engines prioritize localized content and citations when delivering results for search queries with local intent.
  3. Increased Visibility and Traffic: Accurate and widespread local citations improve visibility, driving more foot traffic and online visitors.
  4. Better Customer Trust and Recognition: Consistent and accurate citations help build trust and recognition among local customers.
Citation Building